Tandem backflip on motorbike with Petr Pilát


Do you want to know what it feels like to jump a back flip on a motorbike? No words can describe the adventure you can be part of. You just need to live this experience for yourself. Tandem back flip on a motorbike manages just a few athletes around the world! And you can not get this experience anywhere else!

You do not need any training or medical examination. You will only get a short briefing from Petr Pilát before the tandem jump. You will experience the same thing he does! Rising adrenaline at the ramp, wonderful jump, light overload, head down at an altitude of about 12 meters, and eventually landing in a foam pit. How about this experience? Don’t mind a thing and order the experience of a lifetime!


FMX training site of Peter Pilát – Čerčany (approx 30 km from Prague)

Package includes:

Briefing, tandem back flip on Petr’s KTM SX 250ccm motocross motorcycle, landing in foam pit, insurance, all motocross equipment (clothes, protectors, helmet, etc.), signed gift card by Petr Pilát.

How it works:

First Petr Pilát explains evering you need to know during a 15 minute briefing. You will get dressed up in motocross gear. After your gear is checked, you sit down on a motorbike in front of Petr and Petr tries to run the ramp a couple of times. Your concern will be to hold the handlebars and everything else is handled by Peter. Then a 3 second jump. At a height of about 12 meters you turn your head down and then you are safely landed in the so-called foam pit (box 16x10 full of foam cubes.) You will come out of the foam pit by yourself and the motorbike will be pulled out of the foam pit by the pulley with an electric motor.

Package doesn’t include:

Transportation to the training site, refreshment


April – October (according to actual weather conditions)


Take your friends or family with you. They can take pictures or make a video of your back flip with Petr Pilát.


Does matter - weather conditions must meet conditions for safe jump

Health condition:

The experience is not suitable for pregnant women, for people suffering from epilepsy, seizures, repeated fainting, loss of vision, heart problems, severe mental illness. The participant must not be under the influence of addictive or narcotic substances or under the influence of alcohol.


Tandem back flip with Petr Pilát can be performed by a healthy person between the age of 8 and 100 and maximum weight of 100 kg. In case of unfavorable weather conditions, a compensatory term will be given and it needs to be respected. There will be a total of 6-7 terms announced during the year (April - October / about 1 month per month) for the use of this experience. Booking must be confirmed at least 5 days before the scheduled date. The binding reservation can be canceled without cancellation fees at least 5 days before the agreed date.


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