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I can’t even remember if I have started riding a rocking horse before my motorcycle or not…But I know for sure that I  pulled the gas for the first time when I was three years old. Not that actually remember, but my parents keep saying that.

As a kid there was nothing else than a motorcycle in the whole world for me(except some toys) and if I look at it now, it has not really changed. Number one in my life is my motorcycle, then nothing for a long time and then there is my motorcycle again. I breath for it. On the other side, I keep doing my school duties and of course trying to find  time for my family and friends.

Petr Kuchar says that FMX is an illness. I agree…. I got it back in time when I was three and during all those times I have pusched it all the way to an untreatable addiction….

When I was five or six, my father and I started going around motorcross races. I think, that I was doing pretty well, and since that the jumps were always the most fun and adrenaline.

Since childhood the air was always more fun for me than the the Land…..

I was really lucky, that Kuchta used to live right next to me. He took me as a young gun under his wings and started coaching me with my father. I needed someone to keep me straight and an eye on me. I hope some trophies from the races made them happy. I think that there are still some in our garage.

In 2001 Kuchta quit riding and moved to freestyle motorcross, which was a very new thing for all of us. He made a kicker and started jumping. And…. I could NOT stay behind. He lent me his  ramp and my father and I put it behind our house, so I started jumping and making my career when I was ten years old.

It all almost finished three years later. During an exhibition in 2004, I crashed my chest while
I was landing a Disco can trick. Helicopter, hospital, ICU, coma… pretty bad… But in that moment I decided to fight big time and with the help of everyone who was with me, I got back on my feet. And after a half a year, I even got back on my motorcycle.

You know how it is in life, there are good times and there are bad times.  One of my most enjoyable moments of my life came in 2005, when I pulled my first backflip at the age of 14. They even wrote it down into the Guiness World Records book. I was the youngest one to pull a backflip on a motorcycle. When I pulled in front of the people in Sazka arena, I was totally thrilled. I was invited to the TV, people started remembering my name. I think that I have showed them that I was serious about FMX.

And, I am still serious about it. Every season, I am doing my best to pull out new tricks, backflip combinations and to improve my style. Usually I train in ZPSV Park in Cercany, where I have a perfect landing, some kickers and foampit, which is great for training. During summer I travel around exhibitions and races, in winter I sometimes go to practise to Italy.

I have a pretty successful last years to tell you the truth, but I still have to work on myself a lot. I have made it to the Red Bull X Fighters series ( Mexico city, Madrid, Wuppertall in 2008) and I am still being invited to a lot of Sport evenst abroad. I hope that it keeps coming.

My dream is to come close to Travis Pastrana at least a little bit. He is the first person to pull a double backflip. I admire Travis a lot. He is the biggest sport hero for me.




Successful Graz!

Successful Graz!
Graz 2015 wasn't that bad as last year :)

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